“When I first came to Boaz, I was homeless and hopeless. I wasn’t accepted in my home country or in this foreign country. I was very sick at that time and I was very stressed. Then I found Boaz, and was staying at the Night Shelter. Boaz connected me to a doctor, who said I needed to rest and eat properly.

That is when I moved into the Boaz house. In the house I could rest, and Boaz gave me food and money for transport. That made a big difference. I needed an operation, which the doctor organised for me, and Boaz arranged for a taxi to take me to and from the hospital for this.
Because of my health, I can only eat certain types of foods, so Boaz gave me money for this. Being in a house was great because the kitchen gave me room to prepare the right foods. I was with Boaz for a year and they covered my transport costs, my medical needs, my food, everything.

I won’t forget the time and the date I first came to Boaz. I always celebrate that day, every year. My lawyer was shocked at the level of support Boaz gave me, but it was true. I can’t forget it.
Since I got my refugee status, I’ve got going with my life. I’ve been able to think about things when before I couldn’t. At the moment I am at University studying marketing. I am looking forward to completing my education and starting work, hopefully in marketing or sales. I am really delighted. I have a house,I am living.

Without Boaz, none of this would be happening. I don’t have the words to express my feelings – thank you is not big enough. In the future, if I have chance, I want to help this organisation. They take the most hopeless people, and show them brightness.

They show them that there is another way, and that there is another life to live.”

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