“Before Boaz, I slept outside for 3-4 days, and then I stayed at a different night shelter for 6 weeks. It was so difficult. I couldn’t sleep as there were too many people in the shelter. I was very sick.

I didn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, my periods were too long and heavy due to stress. I was very stressed, thinking that I want to kill myself. I cried a lot and was going to the GP often. Without Boaz, maybe I would be outside again. Boaz were very helpful - with accommodation, shopping, clothes - as when I came to Boaz I didn’t have anything.

I was with a very nice host family, they treated me like family, like my own. With Boaz, my stress levels were not a lot. Boaz were very helpful and important for me – I can’t explain it!

Now, I hope to get my papers, keep studying English and then study nursing."

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