"[Before Boaz] It was not a good time. I was released from detention and started staying on a friend’s sofa. I had to sleep in the cold, it was terrible. Everything was so bad. My blood pressure was so high. I had no peace of mind. 

Then my friend said I couldn’t stay any longer, so I moved into an emergency room with Boaz. They helped me a lot! I was the happiest somebody when I moved in. It was on 22nd December, 3 days until Christmas, and I was given clothes, food, gifts and some cash." 

"It felt good to be in a warm house with new sheets. I could sleep comfortably, go downstairs and eat when I want to. I used to cry all the time but with Boaz I felt peace. With the women in the house, we loved each other, encouraged each other, ate together. A Boaz house is a family house.

Boaz welcome people. They have a heart of love. They show love in every area. They don’t discriminate. It takes away your stress. Before I was full of stress and looked older than my age. But with Boaz I felt peace."

The Boaz Trust is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1110344 at Kath Locke Centre, 123 Moss Lane East, Manchester M15 5DD. We use cookies to improve your experience using this website.
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