Every August at Boaz we get excited because, well...we love cake (and anything baked!) and August is when the Great British Bake Off reappears on our screens! This year, rather than just marvelling at the contestant’s show-stopping creations and soggy-bottom based disasters, we’d love you to consider hosting a bake sale or a Bake Off style event to raise money for us at Boaz. 

Why a bake sale?

Why not? It’s relatively easy, can be big (for your entire workplace, your local community organisation or church) or really small (just for your immediate family or your household). Everyone can join in, whatever their age or baking skills. Over the years hundreds of pounds have been raised through big and small bake sales for Boaz and we’d love you to get involved this year, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Your recipe for success:

Decide when and where 

This is important! Decide how big you want to go, and where would be your preferred location. Think about when would be the best time to have your bake sale (lunchtime? After a specific event? An evening after work?). Then check the venue, date and time all match up and you’re good to go!

Tell everyone about it!

Invite everyone you know! Post it on social media (maybe not if it’s just for your immediate family!). Remind people to bring some money (ideally change) and let them know that you are raising money for Boaz, to help refugees who are seeking safety here. We can send you some leaflets and info - let us know here.

Get Baking!

You might want to do it all yourself, but why not invite others to bake as well? You might even want to make it a competition! 

It’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find something to buy so make sure there’s a variety of goodies, and maybe consider a few gluten, nut and dairy free options. It’s helpful to check out the simple and super practical Food Standards Agency guidance here (but don’t worry- you don’t need hygiene certificates or anything dramatic for a small, one off event like this!) Do make sure you flag up any allergens like nuts, egg and so on.

Get ready to sell...

Think about what you need to entice as many customers as possible! Have you got a good size table? A table cloth? What about a couple of cake stands? You might want to think about getting some napkins or paper party bags so people can take even more deliciousness home with them and don’t forget to bring some paper or stickers to label up your cakes and prices. People are often really generous at fundraising events like this, so why not put out a dish or box for donations as well? We can supply a donations bucket if it helps! 

What can I do with the money?

You can make a card payment by clicking here, or you can pay the funds directly into the Boaz Trust bank account, send us a cheque, or drop the cash directly into our office, if that’s easier. If you do have any cash donations (separate to sales!) it would be great if you could complete our cash donations count sheet as we can usually claim gift aid on small donations like this! Contact us here about this.

What next?

Any questions? Please contact Tim on 0161 202 1056 or [email protected]
Please do send us any photos you take and post about your event on social media, using the hashtags #BoazIs15 and #BakeForBoaz

Thank you so much for your support.

…1-2-3- BAKE!

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