Thriving at Boaz  

Thrive. A truly important word at Boaz.

We want to see everyone thriving as much as possible. Our vision for ‘fullness of life’ for our clients equally extends to our hard working staff team. This means recognising the importance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
What do we mean by thriving?
Thriving is the word we use to talk about wellbeing. Sometimes we find it easier to start with what thriving is not.
It's not being well, in all senses, all the time. It's not never struggling or finding things challenging. It's not never having difficulties, or facing them with a permanently radiant smile and eternal positivity.

Thriving is about recognising that looking after ourselves and others matters. Knowing and understanding the things that can help us navigate life to the best of our abilities And doing them and supporting others to. It is learning and growing in our ability to make choices and take actions that serve us well. Riding the highs and lows less painfully than we might without such steps and investment in ourselves. 

How do we support thriving?

We recognise that there are limitations to what Boaz can do, each individual must take responsibility for their own thriving. However, we know that we can proactively support and contribute, and we’re committed to doing so. It’s a priority.

With a range of provisions, actions and interventions we’re on a continuous journey to support thriving:

  • Prizing thriving is a Boaz competency and an important part of our culture
  • Our regular Check-ins include conversation about how someone is doing holistically, not just work focused
  • Our managers are supported and to have meaningful one to ones with team members and to be able to offer appropriate support and signposting
  • Offering a rolling programme of thriving input through training sessions, dedicated intranet pages with resources, team meeting segments, sharing useful articles and encouraging peer to peer sharing
  • An Employee Assistance Programme with a 24/7 confidential counselling phone line and paid sessions with a counsellor or therapist
  • A commitment to anti-racism and broader work on inclusion and equity to make Boaz a safe place for all
  • Flexible working arrangements with regular review of how to respond to team ‘wants’ wherever possible
  • Regular Pulse survey to get feedback on how the team are doing and to focus priorities and activity
  • Generous holiday and leave options (mostly paid) to help team members manage their whole lives
  • Daily team gatherings (remotely where needed) to check-in, connect and pray together
  • Comprehensive working from home guidance and self-care for Covid times
  • Celebration lunches and breakfasts and encouraging online coffee gatherings when in person catch ups aren’t possible
  • Continuous learning about what we might do to help thriving
  • Staying responsive and flexible in how we support as circumstances change, be that for individuals, teams or more broadly for us an organisation
  • Staff policies written with an eye to how they’ll impact on people’s thriving
  • And of course a commitment to working sensible hours, taking regular breaks and keeping the work/life divide and protecting personal time

The Boaz Trust is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1110344 at Kath Locke Centre, 123 Moss Lane East, Manchester M15 5DD. We use cookies to improve your experience using this website.
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