Today we congratulate and welcome a new Labour Government. For too long, the conversation around asylum has been dominated by divisive, hostile and harmful discourse, damaging the lives of people who have sought sanctuary in the UK. We hope that today marks the start of a new era; one that becomes characterised by welcome, compassion and fairness towards people who arrive in our country in search of safety. 

The asylum system is broken and unfit for purpose. No one party and no one government is solely responsible for that, but the Labour Party now has the opportunity to right the wrongs of others - and its own - by repealing harmful legislation and working to create a system that is fair and compassionate.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be urging our MPs within Greater Manchester – and across the UK – to commit to creating an asylum system that puts fairness and human flourishing at its heart. 

In recent years we have witnessed an ever worsening political climate that has decimated asylum rights in this country and sought to denigrate those in need of protection. We believe that a new government provides us with the opportunity to campaign for positive and much-needed reform of the asylum system. As always and as ever, we will continue to hold our elected representatives to account and campaign for change.

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