Thank you to everyone who has responded to our original story which we posted on 15th April 2020! We have been regularly updating our list of needs below:

During the lockdown period, we have been so touched by peoples' kindness in donating food and toiletries as well as gifts of money to ensure we can supply our clients with essential items as we provide our ongoing specialist support. 

We still need to be able to visit our shared houses on a regular basis to ensure that they are safe and well maintained, as well as to hand over essential supplies to our clients, all in line with government guidance. We also need to take food (prepared meals and packaged goods) to our night shelter guests who are now staying in two local hostels, one of which is without any kitchen facilities

There are some vital items* we need to find in order to work safely during this time. And we're currently really struggling to get hold of them. We're putting this request out there in the hope that someone can help!

  • disposable gloves (latex or vinyl or other for staff and key volunteers delivering items to multiple properties etc., also useful to wear to protect hands when wiping down any surfaces etc. much more frequently in houses if clients are unwell
  • antibacterial cleaning wipes (as many packs as possible for people living in all our shared accommodation)
  • empty plastic trigger spray bottles (ideally 10 more bottles as we have several large bulk bottles of cleaning products that need to be diluted)
  • cleaning cloths and scourers (for use in our shared houses)

If you are able to help with any of these items, please send Lisa an email: [email protected] or leave a message on 0161 202 1056 and one of us will get back to you asap.

Updates on previously requested items:

  • toilet roll: thank you to everyone who has donated /promised toilet rolls- we now have 3 months supply which is great news! Due to our limited storage space we aren't taking any large donations of toilet rolls at this time (17/4/20).
  • antibacterial hand gel: thank you to everyone who has helped us source hand gel. We now have enough for the next two months! (6/5/20)
  • antibacterial spray: thank you to everyone (including some of our friends in the business community) who have supplied us with bulk bottles of antibac spray. We have enough in stock for the next two months. (7/5/20)

Thank you so much for your help with this. If you don't have any of these specific items but would still like to help our clients at this time, please visit our general corona virus response page here.

*We're very much aware that using these items may incur risks of their own and that none of them offer full protection against the virus. We're simply trying our best to protect clients, staff and volunteers as well as the wider community, and to work in a way that is as safe as possible, following guidance we've read from the UK government, WHO, NHS and other bodies. As this guidance changes, we'll try hard to keep this page up to date based on the latest advice.

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